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Organic St. John wort 20g (Hypericum perforatum), a certified organic product. Hypericum perforatum or commonly balm, St. John's Wort and sedge is one of the most important herbs of Greek nature. In Ancient Greece, it was known as "Hypericum", while in English as Perforate St John's-wort. The name of "Hypericum" genus (Hypericum), derived from the Greek words for (above) and image (picture).

The Hypericum perforatum, preoccupied therapeutic since antiquity: Galen and Dioscorides mention it as a diuretic, healing, emmenagogue and hemostat. In antiquity also used it as healing the wounds that were held by the swords, and hence the name of sedge.

Internally has sedative and analgesic action. Used in the treatment of neuralgia, anxiety and tension. Externally, it is most valuable healing and anti-inflammatory herbs, if not the most valuable. Used for healing wounds and burns as well as for the treatment of many skin conditions.

For internal use is taken as an infusion typically one teaspoon dried crushed leaves and flowers in a cup of hot water, left for 10 to 15 minutes to pass all of the plant component in the water, from one to three times a day, counseled physician, pharmacist or expert. Also taken in capsules or alcoholic solution. Externally mainly used spatholado or valsamolado well as an infusion patch.

Species: Sedge (Hypericum perforatum)
Origin: Greece
Prof. Weight: 20g
Packaging: Glass jar
Organic Product