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Innovative design, metal pack of 250ml, complements the unique quality of olive oil. The utensils were designed to protect the product from heat and sunlight to maintain in full the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil until it is consumed.

The extra virgin olive oil E-LA-WON is Koroneiki variety with rich fruity aromas of tomato leaves and lemon blossom. In the mouth it leaves thin and spicy almond flavor, slightly bitter taste of green olive oil as the olive harvest is done when the olives are painted with the best color, golden. It has low acidity and bright green color, indicative of rich nutrient density and treatment in mild conditions.

Olive oil E-LA-WON is wonderful organoleptic properties and high amount of polyphenols, elaiokanthali and elaiasini, contributing to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. Studies confirm that the Koroneiki variety is the richest variety of olive polyphenols.

The excellent condition of the fruit at the collection, the perfectly controlled hygiene and safety conditions and the cold pressing of the product, guaranteeing oil, superior quality. The cultivation of olives is mild ways, environmentally friendly, without interference in the processes of nature and without burdening the ecosystem with pesticides and chemical preparations.

Gold medal in world oil contest "Terra Olivo International Competition 2015" in Israel
Silver medal in the international olive oil competition "Olive Japan 2015" in Tokyo, Japan in April 2015
Gold Packaging Award and Commendation overall image in the international extra virgin olive oil competition, seventh Elaiotexnia 2015
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