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Propolis tincture 30ml, 100% Greek product. Propolis is known as an antibiotic of nature as it has many medicinal and therapeutic properties.

The propolis tincture resulting from the extraction of propolis in alcohol for about 40 days. In this period the components of propolis dissolved in the alcohol and resulting tincture.

Propolis is a sticky substance that bees collect from trees and consists of resin, wax, essential oils and pollen. It is scientifically proven action as antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anesthetic, antioxidant, immune and healing. Bees use it to disinfect the hive, to close openings and cracks and to meet any unwanted presence that can not be shed from the cell.

Propolis contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavones, balms, terpeneia, sugars, flavorings, aliphatic acids and many other known and unknown ingredients. Nowadays propolis used: pharyngitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, otitis externa, infections of the small intestine, stomach and duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, periodontitis, diseases of the mouth, fungal infections, burns, itching, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, arthritis, trauma and gynecological (in the form of solutions).

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Our tincture from producer beekeeper extracted raw propolis sieve highly champagne.

INTERNAL USE (orally directly or dissolved in water, juice, etc.).
Recommended dosage: for adults 10 to 20 drops / day for 5-10 drops / day

Attention to cases of allergy to propolis. Try very small amount in the beginning.

Sprinkle a few drops to the point where you want to use. Attention because propolis stains. Let it stegosei and then cover it.

The use of in compliance with the instructions of your physician.

Tip: If soiled with propolis, know that comes only with alcohol or bleach.

Keep in a cool, shady place