Organic Althea 20g

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Organic Althea 20g (Althea officinalis) certified organic product. The Althea (neromolocha or hollyhocks) got its name from the Greek word altho meaning "treat". It grows mostly near rivers as it prefers moist, sandy soils. It is a common plant in Europe. Known even from ancient Greece mainly for antitussive properties.

Due to the high content of mucus, the marshmallows, is an effective means for respiratory diseases. Relieve mucous membrane inflammations and gastrointestinal tract as the mucus deposited in the inflamed areas. It helps in several abscesses and an infusion of the leaves or root may alleviate if sunburn.

The main properties are antitussive, softening and anti-inflammatory. It is beneficial in inflammation and disorders of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract. Alleviates muscle pain, removes bruises, abscesses matures, fights gingivitis and thrush and heals wounds. It acts against dryness and severe cough and acts as a mild expectorant.

Type: Althea (Althea officinalis)
Origin: Greece
Prof. Weight: 20g
Packaging: Glass jar

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