Privacy statement

The company respects the privacy

The company and its subsidiaries respect your privacy. This Privacy Statement informs you of the practices that apply to the protection of privacy and the options available to you on how to collect information about you and your online business and how to use them.

The company complies with the guidelines on the collection, use and maintenance of the European Union personal data.
Our rules provide adequate protection of your personal data when processed by us and our partners.

1. This Privacy Statement

We may provide opportunities social media that allow you to share information with your social networks and interact with the company in various social media sites. The use of these features may result in the collection or sharing of information about you, depending on the option. We recommend that you check the policy and privacy settings on social networking sites with which you interact, you can be sure that you understand what information may be collected, used and disclosed by these sites.

2. Collection of personal information

The company collects, exports and uses personal information in order to serve you better and to personalize the experience and your interaction with the company. This collection is made after adequate notice and to ensure your own consent and the necessary procedures for data protection authorities where appropriate.

The company may collect personal information from you to complete various transactions, such as:
product or service orders, activations and registrations
profiling and user authentication
requests for information
subscriptions to marketing services or support
participation in contests or surveys
direct credit applications
job applications

In the types of personal information you provide may include:
contact details, such as name, address, telephone number and your email address
financial information such as the number of your credit / debit card or other billing information
identification number issued by the State
other unique information such as user IDs and passwords, preferences for products and services, contact preferences, educational and work background and data about your interest in employment
in some cases, may be provided to the company your company contact details of a designated entity within the business or company (such as a member of the department IT)

If you choose to use a-friend program or similar program located on our site, we will ask for your email address your friend's details in social media, phone number or other contact information to send your friend an invitation to participate in the program.

If you post, comment, express interest or complaints or share personal information, including photos, in any public forum on a site of the company, social network, blog or other such forum, please be aware that any information you submit may be read, viewed, collected or used by other users of these forums can be used to contact you, send messages or for purposes that are not controlled by either you or the company. The company is not responsible for the personal information you choose to submit in such a forum.

Apart from the information you provide, the company may also collect information when you visit a Web site of the company, in an application that is provided through the Web or on a Web site that "supported by" another company on behalf of the company, through of automatic data collection tools, which include Web beacons, cookies, and embedded Web links. These tools collect certain traffic information that sends the browser to a Web site, such as the type and browser language, access times and address of the Web site from which you came. You may also collect information about the Internet Protocol (IP), the unique ID of your device, your transfer behavior through connections (ie, the pages you see, the links that follow and other actions you take in connection with the Sites Web of the company or the supported Web sites), and product information.

The company may also use some of the automated data collection tools for specific emails and contact sheets sent and therefore may collect information using these tools when you open the email or click a link contained therein. To learn more, read How the company uses automatic data collection tools.

The company also collects information from sources that are publicly available or commercially and are considered reliable. This information may include the name, address, email address, preferences, interests and demographic data / profile data. The information collected by the company from public or commercial sources may be used along with the information collected when you visit sites on the Web. For example, the company may compare the geographic information acquired from commercial sources with the IP address collected by the automatic data collection tools to find your geographic area.

3. How we use your information

The information collected by the company to help understand your needs and interests and provide you with a consistent and personalized experience. For example, the company may use your information for the following purposes:
to assist you in completing a transaction or order
to prevent and detect security threats, fraud or other malicious activity
to contact you about products and services
to provide and improve services and support services
to update you on new services and benefits
to provide personalized promotional offers
to choose content that will send your
to personalize some sites on the Web
for calculating performance marketing initiatives, ads, and Web sites "supported by" another company on behalf of the company
to enable you to participate in contests and surveys
to contact you about products or services

Credit card information is used only for payment processing and fraud prevention. The salary information, identification number issued by the state and other sensitive personal information is not used for purposes other than their financial services providers or company and will not be kept longer than necessary for providing the services, unless you request you to maintain your credit card for future purchases.

4. Who we share your information

The company will not sell, rent or lease your personal information to third parties, except as described in this statement. The company shares personal information in the following ways:

The company maintains relationships with service providers and suppliers for the disposal of integrated products, services and solutions to its customers and to assist in marketing and communication initiatives. These providers and suppliers include, for example, credit card processing companies, customer service providers etc.